Can Gio Proves Bird’s Nest Production Capacity

Can Gio Bird’s Nest: A potential rough gem reaching international level

The above comment was made by Mr. Phung Duc Tien, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, at the establishment ceremony of the Can Gio Bird’s Nest Association, which took place on March 9.

According to Mr. Tien, the establishment of the association is important, contributing to improving product value not only for the local bird’s nest industry but for the whole country.

“If we focus on the market and build a brand, Can Gio bird’s nest will certainly develop a lot, favored by domestic and international customers. We must increase promotion to let the world know the quality of bird’s nest. Can Gio village,” Mr. Tien said.

1. Potential:

  • Premium quality: Can Gio bird’s nest is famous for its outstanding quality, high nutritional content and special delicious taste. Thanks to the ideal climate and environmental conditions in Can Gio, bird’s nests here are highly appreciated by experts and consumers.
  • Open market: The demand for bird’s nests is increasing globally, opening up great export opportunities for Can Gio bird’s nests. Potential markets such as China, America, Japan, and Korea are favoring high quality bird’s nest products.
  • Local advantages: Can Gio owns a large mangrove ecosystem, creating an ideal living environment for swiftlets to grow and develop. This is a favorable condition for the development of the local bird’s nest farming industry.

Currently, the number of bird’s nest houses in Can Gio is 519 (mostly unplanned), with an average output of 14-15 tons of raw bird’s nest/year. According to the People’s Committee of Can Gio district, with the advantage of having a world biosphere reserve of mangrove forests (34,000 hectares of mangrove forests), Can Gio district is suitable for developing the bird’s nest industry. In fact, bird’s nest farming in this locality started quite early compared to many other provinces.

2. Challenge:

  • Legal system: The lack of a specific legal corridor system for the bird’s nest industry in Can Gio is hindering sustainable and effective development.
  • Lack of specialized investment: The Can Gio bird’s nest industry currently lacks investment in production processes, bird raising techniques, and the application of science and technology.
  • Market connection: Bird’s nest raising households in Can Gio still have difficulty connecting to consume products, leading to the value of bird’s nests not being fully exploited.

3. Solution

  • Establishment of Can Gio Bird’s Nest Association: The Association plays an important role in connecting bird’s nest farmers, sharing experiences, business cooperation, and providing market information.
  • Perfecting the legal system: Building and perfecting the legal system related to quality management, traceability, and intellectual property to protect the Can Gio bird’s nest brand.
    Intensive investment: Improving production processes according to international standards, applying science and technology to bird nest farming, and training professional human resources.
  • Encourage linkages and cooperation: Create conditions for bird’s nest raising households to link together and cooperate with businesses in consuming products, improving the value and competitiveness of Can Gio bird’s nests.

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On December 23, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued Decision No. 5993/QD-UBND allowing the establishment of Can Gio Bird’s Nest Association. This is an important event, marking a new step in the process of developing the local bird’s nest industry, while also opening up opportunities to bring the Can Gio bird’s nest brand to the international level.

In November 2022, Vietnam will officially be allowed to officially export bird’s nests to China. This is an important event, marking a new turning point for the Vietnamese bird’s nest industry. China is the world’s largest bird’s nest consumption market with more than 300 tons/year, accounting for about 80% of the global market share. The demand for bird’s nest consumption in China is increasing because people are concerned about health and nutrition.

Official export to China opens up huge opportunities for Vietnam’s bird’s nest industry. This is a potential market with large consumption demand and high prices. Vietnamese businesses need to take advantage of this opportunity to promote the export of bird’s nests to China, contributing to increasing export turnover and affirming the position of Vietnamese bird’s nests in the international market.

According to statistics from the Department of Livestock (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), currently the whole country has 42/63 provinces raising bird’s nest with over 23,000 bird’s nest houses. Vietnam’s bird’s nest industry is growing strongly, with an estimated output of more than 10 tons/year and an export turnover of about 400 million USD.

The establishment of the Can Gio Bird’s Nest Association is an important step forward, contributing to promoting the local bird’s nest industry to develop sustainably and effectively. With the support of the Association, Can Gio bird’s nest promises to affirm its position in the international market, bring economic benefits to local people and contribute to the overall development of the country.

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