VLA Promotes Strengthening Member Connections With China International Freight Forwarders Association

The delegation of the China International Freight Forwarders Association, led by Ms. Juliao Zhao, went to Vietnam at the end of 2023 to learn about the market as well as identify strategic partners in the transverse logistics supply chain development business. Border. On the Vietnamese side, the Vietnam Logistics Services Business Association organised a professional meeting to promote development opportunities between the two countries in the future.

Mr. Dao Trong Khoa, Permanent Vice Chairman of VLA, said: “This is considered one of the valuable opportunities for VLA’s 17 member logistics businesses to learn, exchange, and develop on the journey to conquer the Chinese market.” During this meeting, the two associations spent a lot of time introducing information, learning, and exchanging logistics knowledge. In addition, businesses also made comments about each other’s markets. The Chinese delegation will provide assessments of the Vietnamese market, while the Vietnamese delegation will raise opportunities and challenges for the Chinese market.

Although the meeting only lasted about 2 hours, connection and efficiency were the goals above all. Vietnamese representatives assessed that with only 2 hours, VLA succeeded in building a solid foundation for the domestic and international markets. Typically, Peguin Logistics Vietnam has continued to build strong relationships with Chinese customers.

In addition, a representative of Topwinner Transportation Limited (China) said that thanks to the objective assessments of Vietnamese businesses, we have realised the advantages and disadvantages of the process of developing the logistics network for sustainability, thereby greatly improving performance.

For many years, China has always been the market with the largest import-export turnover in Vietnam. In the first nine months of 2023 alone, two-way trade between Vietnam and China has exceeded 120 billion US dollars. China is the only export market among Vietnam’s major export markets to achieve positive growth (up 2.1%), while other major markets all decreased.

China is also the second-largest FDI investor in Vietnam, while Vietnam is also China’s fourth-largest trading partner (behind only the United States, Japan, and South Korea). Therefore, the opportunity for business cooperation between Vietnamese and Chinese logistics enterprises is considered huge by both VLA and CIFA, and both associations believe that today’s meeting is the perfect start. for subsequent B2B business networking meetings.

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