Introducing the Event Organizer “2024 Sourcing Strategy”

One of the important events in 2024 for online businesses and pharmaceutical Dropshipping models organized by Sabo and floor 1688. Event “2024 Sourcing Strategy”. If in the previous section we learned interesting information about the 1688 product source, then in this article let’s learn about the SABO brand as well as the SABOMALL.COM technology platform.

Join Mega A Logistics Company to explore the benefits that this platform brings to businesses in Vietnam

Overview of SaboMall

This is a technology platform that provides perfect solutions for quality Wholesale & Retail goods for business people.

SaboMall’s target customers are businesses in Vietnam that are in the Online, dropshipping model and need to import goods from China. Or they will be able to buy goods directly from factories, suppliers and sellers without intermediaries.

SaboMall has been opening up many opportunities for the market’s need to shop and consume online products. The platform plays an important role and creates a direct link between sellers, buyers and third parties participating in the service provision process.

Therefore, SaboMall is considered an important link stimulating the development of the Vietnam – China Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics network. This is very accurate with the goals and aspirations of Mega A Logistics Company for many years.

We will accompany you and make your cross-border business easier.

Why SaboMall Launched in the Market

It can be said that China has long become a shopping paradise and is the birthplace of the e-Commerce trend that has exploded globally. Not only consumers but also small traders and businessmen see China as a “paradise” of goods sources. This place brings together many wholesale markets and specialized markets for each type of goods at extremely competitive prices.

In the context of the global online shopping market growing rapidly, it is no longer strange for businesses to look to China to import goods. However, finding a diverse source of goods, with good quality and reasonable prices is not easy if you do not have experience.

And one of the famous and reputable e-commerce sites for Vietnamese importers is (part of Alibaba Group – China).

With the desire to reach out to the ocean, promote the global online shopping industry and expand the Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics network, has begun a cooperation strategy to expand relationships. bilateral relationship with many major partners globally, including Vietnam.

SaboMall was born to help eliminate barriers to importing goods across borders such as language barriers, difficulties in payment, and choosing a shipping unit.

SaboMall will bring a more convenient, simpler and faster shopping experience to Vietnamese people.

Meaning of SaboMall Platform

SaboMall is also known as Sabo Shopping Center. In particular, the phrase “Sabo” symbolizes the image of “Sad Wing”. A symbol of success in business and life as we will forever be full of energy to set out to sea to conquer new journeys like the fleets of boats out there.

Besides, since ancient times, our ancestors mainly took advantage of maritime routes to trade goods across borders, which is also considered the first steps of today’s Cross-Border Logistics network.

That is also the reason why “Sails” was chosen as a symbol of prosperous economic development, especially the transcontinental economy among many countries. The word “Mall” is understood from English to Vietnamese as a Shopping Center, a place where all goods are gathered and fully meets the needs of consumers.

Therefore, the combination of “Sabo” and “Mall” shows creativity and dynamism, creating a meaningful shopping brand in the field of cross-border e-commerce business in which the community of people Business always aspires to.

Why Vietnamese Business Households Always Trust SaboMall

There are many factors that create Sabo’s sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors, most especially this is one of the first platforms in Vietnam to link product sources directly with the E-Commerce Floor. big in China.

 Abundant Sources of Goods – Satisfying Demand

SaboMall is the official partner of 1688 in the Vietnamese market. Currently, 1688 owns about 10 million booths providing a variety of products on the market. Not only that, any product you find at will appear on SaboMall’s shelves.

What’s more worth mentioning is that SaboMall also owns its own suppliers for those items, so the prices will be extremely competitive with super attractive incentives for Vietnamese businesses.

Because it is an official partner, products at SaboMall are carefully tested and guaranteed to have origin as well as conform to’s standards for export globally.

It is not an exaggeration to say that SaboMall is a “Companion”, a Sourcing Solution designed specifically for the Vietnamese market with many generous incentives. Each item is carefully selected from more than 10 million total stores to bring the best products to Vietnamese consumers.

Cost Optimization

For any Online shopping or Dropshipping model, business people are always worried about shipping costs as well as purchasing prices that may be pushed up very high due to many objective reasons.

However, all those worries will be erased when SaboMall and 1688.COM appear in the “S-shaped strip of land”

Optimizing Cross-Border Logistics Costs:

SaboMall has associated with many reputable Logistics units across the country, including Mega A Logistics Company. With the goal, I optimize the Cross-Border Logistics transportation system in many forms from sea, air to road.

Therefore, SaboMall can significantly increase the speed of supply chain management at the same time with thousands of different orders. The factor “Time” is given top priority. Besides, customs clearance by industry also helps customers receive many benefits when transporting goods from China to Vietnam.

It not only ensures time and product quality but above all saves most of the estimated operating costs as well as minimizes risks for the business.
Most especially, if you are a member of SaboMall, you will also receive additional preferential fees as follows:

  • 10% discount on International shipping fees;
  • 100% free shipping within Vietnam for orders from 3 million.

Optimal Purchase Price:

As mentioned above, this is a direct connection model between buyers and sellers. Therefore, Vietnamese traders will import goods directly from warehouses and production units without having to pay additional costs to any intermediaries.

The standard purchasing process will be divided into 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: By default, customers purchase goods at the listed price. If the customer’s account is a member account, they will receive preferential purchases at a discount of up to 10% compared to the listed price.
  • Phase 2: SaboMall will introduce to its users third-party units that provide negotiation services to support customers in the process of completing orders, being able to buy better prices or special conditions.

Convenience of Purchasing

If you buy at, you will have to switch from Chinese to Vietnamese, which sometimes causes inadequacies or errors during use. However, when choosing SaboMall, you not only own the full source of’s products, but all information is standardized in Vietnamese.

Besides, SaboMall also provides a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of Vietnamese business households. Previously, when buying Chinese goods, you would have 3 forms of payment: International credit card, Chinese domestic bank card, AliPay card (registered with passport).

As for SaboMall, you have many choices such as paying via Paypal, World First, and the most simple and fast method is “bank transfer”.

Friendly Technology Platform

The nature of SaboMall is a pure technology platform. Therefore, we own an elite Information Technology team that is always ready to solve any technical problems that arise and bring the best experiences to Vietnamese businesses.

Besides, having the privilege of being one of the official partners of globally, SaboMall also receives a lot of support from its partners in terms of technology, research, assessment and evaluation of changes in the industry. consumption habits of Vietnamese people.

From there, it will provide more important information for business development activities of Vietnamese business owners. The next plus point of SaboMall is the friendly and standardized website interface with thematic layout of booth clusters, clear images and optimal operations, helping users have a great buying experience. best shopping.

And don’t forget to register now to participate in the event “2024 Sourcing Strategy” of SABO and 1688 with Mega A Logistics!

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